Olympic Coin Competition

14 01 2009

Well here goes for my first post on design issues!

I came across this Olympic Coin Competition earlier today and it seems to be generating a fair bit of hostility from the industry.

Now, while I totally agree with the concept of doing work for free on the hope of being paid for it etc. is wrong and quite damaging, I quite like the idea of this, granted it may turn out that all the winners are professional designers, but who said we had to stop doing design for fun in our own time? Also something like this will no doubt inspire a few kids along the way into the industry.

I think I may come up with a few ideas for this myself, as it is quite an interesting brief, and for me personally one of the best parts of being a designer is seeing my work out in the big wide world. A coin would be brilliant!

I am curious to see what others think about this however, will you enter? Or are you dead against it?

*EDIT* While we are on the subject of coinage, I absolutely love the new set we are about to get here in the UK, Creative Review has a thoroughly interesting interview with their designer, Matthew Dent while there is a quite funny comparison with the USA’s latest attempt at currency design here




3 responses

14 01 2009

think the idea is that anyone can win, and yes it might all be pro designers but as you say, why not?! It would be great on the cv for any winner, and could easily end up with more work done for the Royal Mint – if they liked one design why wouldn’t they like another?

Don’t understand the snootiness of some in the industry – I know of others who have previousl been invited to enter ‘tender’ for coin designs and that’s how most coins are designed – with a fee etc – why not have something that’s fun for everyone including kids, and gets people into design?!

14 01 2009

Thanks for the comment Paul.

Indeed, in cases like this to me it comes across as sour grapes from the big boys, I mean whats £1,000 to the big agencies? Thats a lot of money to a student or freelancer. Also they seem to be suggesting a lack of quality, well considering the new UK set I mention in the post was also the result of a competition I think that argument goes flying out the window for a start!

16 01 2009
Al Woods

Personally I like the idea. It would be a nice notion that considering all the bad press the 2012 logo design received they opened this up to everyone to see what EVERYONE’S input is. Problem here is that the design industry heavyweights probably see this as a lost money and status earner and to some extent they’re right, it would be a great job to say ‘we as a design studio did that’, however, there’s some contradiction going on for me. It wouldn’t surprise me if some of these same moaners also moaned about the 2012 branding and how their should have been more input from the ‘people’. Surely anything designed for 2012 by winning agencies would be slated regardless by their peers and be seen as a poisoned chalice, so the fact this has been opened up could also be seen as a relief maybe?

Either way, I’ve always liked things for the people having input from the people and not specially selected focus groups.

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