6 02 2009

Wipeout I hear you ask? Well let me explain…

2 things led me here, 1 the sad passing of the fantastic Designers Republic and 2 the posting of an article on wipeout by my good friends at Square Go Magazine (check it out)

Now for those who don’t know or don’t remember, Wipeout is a series of games based on anti gravity racing that first appeared on the Playstation and Saturn. Frankly to my mind the series was the first game to feature real graphic design and continues to have what I think is the slickest design ethos of any game series. Of course it was the Designers Republic who did the design work on Wipeout. I did then and still do love the style they used in the various incarnations and now that they are sadly gone I just thought I’d draw some attention to it!

(Sorry for the long gap, been busy working on my site and doing work for clients! More soon!)




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