So… It begins!

9 01 2009

Eventually this will find itself a custom home on my website, but since that doesnt exist yet this will do for now!

So I’m Scott, I’m a graphic designer from Edinburgh, Scotland and this is my blog. Basically it will revolve around two things; the business I am in the process of setting up (Ink) and design in general. I’d always wanted to set up a design blog and I figured incorporating my experiences of starting out in my own business etc would be a good thing to add in, maybe even inspiring people along the way!

I guess a general scene setting update is in order! I left my previous job with a creative agency just before Christmas and returned to Edinburgh (I’m from here) to set up on my own. I have some fairly big plans for this, firstly will hopefully be merging with a friends PR business under the Ink banner.

So here we are at the very beginning, the logo has been designed, the sites being worked on and discussions with what will hopefully be my first clients are underway! Exciting stuff!

Thanks for reading!